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Aqaba City: Colorful with Lots of things to offer

Your trip to Jordan isn’t complete if you haven’t gone to the vibrant coastal city of Aqaba.  It is located…

4 Desert High Wall Castles in Jordan

A day of excursion to the desert high wall castles is a perfect way to spending your Jordanian holiday. The castles, nestled…

Tour Clothing Suggestion: What to Wear in Jordan?

Visiting the country of Jordan is definitely an unforgettable experience that you can bring along when you return home.…

Best Value Hotels in Amman Jordan

Amman announces itself as the next potential business hub where multinational companies can set up their regional offices.…

How to travel by land way from Jerusalem or Tel Aviv to Petra?

Three Border Crossings connect Jordan and Israel There are a total of three border crossings between Jordan and Israel,…

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